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Why would anyone want to be a LEAD member?

01. Making Connections

Continuous networking with both serving and aspiring board members from leading local and regional entities (public, private and not for profits).Our current membership comprises of both individual and institutional members (from diverse backgrounds and industries).

02. Opportunities

As observed by many leading authorities, networks open doors – LEAD offers a rich network as a gateway to broad opportunities to you as an individual and as an institution.

03. Access To Training Materials

Access to learning opportunities such as the one we hosted recently with the Harvard Business School – the program comprised of 20 study modules – presented via online access in form of self-study instruction materials, articles, case studies, podcasts and videos.

04.Train your team

The study modules covered under the program included
– Customer Focus
-Performance Appraisal
-Performance Measurement
-Strategic Thinking
-Strategy Planning and Execution
-Innovation and Creativity and much more.



Equip, innovate and grow.

Boards play a crucial role in building successful organisations, economies and communities - strong Board leadership and governance deliver the required confidence that enables investment and growth. However recent studies and observations point to the fact that a changing world and a perfect storm of pressures are making it more difficult for Board members to lead effectively and add real value to their organisation's strategy and subsequently sustainable growth. It appears that traditional, 20th-century governance models do not fit in today’s volatile, uncertain and disrupted operating environment.

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